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Hello Bet on Thrones fans! To carry on our Where could they be now? series, Juan Ramón Pou, Animation Mentor alumnus, labored on probably the most buzz-worthy sequences in Bet on Thrones history from The country.

The AWESOME Hardhome fight sequence using the wights, white-colored ramblers, wildings and Jon Snow.

He breaks lower what it’s prefer to operate in VFX animation, how he contacted his shots, and just how Animation Mentor prepared him for that industry. Read, get pumped, and animate!

[SPOILER ALERT] Should you haven’t seen Bet on Thrones Season 5 Episode 8 then don’t read any more. You realize nothing, Jon Snow….

– The Animation Mentor Crew

blog gameofthrones Juan Ramon Pou Juan Ramón Pou: From Animation Mentor to Bet on Thrones

Juan Ramón Pou, Animation Mentor Alumnus

ANIMATION MENTOR: Inform us just a little regarding your journey since graduating from Animation Mentor.

JUAN: Before Animation Mentor, I had been already employed in the 3d animator niche for around 6 years on some Spanish movies, Tv show and advertisements but at that time I felt a bit stuck and so i made the decision to maneuver abroad to operate in another animation field (game titles) but additionally became a member of Animation Mentor to understand new techniques in the best and boost my abilities.

After graduating I acquired the risk of joining a awesome TV project known as Jelly Jamm, (in the designers of Pocoyo), beginning being an animator and finishing being an Animation Supervisor. Which was an incredible experience since that type of animation was strongly in line with the 12 concepts from the animation, something which I perfectly learned and understood at AM.

Afterwards, I acquired the chance to guide an animation team in Shanghai for any Tv show, more realistic and filled with animals and physical actions. Giving feedback towards the computer animators not just assisted all of them with their shots but assisted myself too, because it trained me to become more analytical with my very own animations since the majority of the computer animators makes exactly the same mistakes and that i wasn’t the best to that particular rule!

After finishing my contract in Shanghai, I acquired the opportunity to work on El Ranchito VFX (El Ranchito Imagen Digital), something so exciting since there is a lengthy history for his or her VFX focus on award-winning Tv show and flicks for example: Others, Impossible, Agora, Cell 211, HBO’s Cosmos… As well as something pretty challenging like GOT that we was hired for.

3D Animator

3D Animator

ANIMATION MENTOR: Where would you presently work on?

JUAN: I’ve lately became a member of Lightbox Entertainment, a Spanish animation production company where I’m focusing on an animation feature film known as Capture the Flag that offers to be pretty awesome. Being released this summer time.

ANIMATION MENTOR:The fight between your white-colored ramblers, wights, and wildings was epic, what shots have you focus on for your Bet on Thrones episode?

JUAN: I labored on several shots, close-up actions, background figures however the most outstanding ones were those when Wun Wun shakes off plenty of wights having a big login fire and a few wights /Wun Wun interaction shots.

blog gameofthrones wight scare Juan Ramón Pou: From Animation Mentor to Bet on Thrones

Certainly one of Juan’s animation shots

blog gameofthrones whitewalkder jump Juan Ramón Pou: From Animation Mentor to Bet on Thrones

Another shot Juan labored on

ANIMATION MENTOR: Maybe it was difficult and just how enough time do they provide you with to accomplish a go?

JUAN: I’d lie basically stated it had been easy.

JUAN: The VFX Administrators (internally and Cinemax) were so demanding given that they were built with a pretty obvious concept of the way the wight players should behave, being an army and individually. They pressed the animation team to get these figures move as vicious and creepy because the director and author wanted these to be, remaining from the typical “Zombie” behavior, so we were glad they pressed us much since many of us are now pleased with the end result.

For that shot with Wun Wun striking the wights I needed to dedicate almost per month . 5 because the original shot was planned to possess only three or four digital figures however i wound up coping with 18 figures within the final scene. They interacted using the background Wun Wun and so i desired to get as near to the idea the author desired to tell when i could. Chaos and desperation.

blog gameofthrones wunwun fire Juan Ramón Pou: From 3d animator Malaysia Mentor to Bet on Thrones

Juan’s most difficult animation shot in Bet on Thrones

ANIMATION MENTOR: Which kind of safeguards did the studio undergo to help keep it under systems?

JUAN: Like around the relaxation from the shows I’ve played in, the organization requested me to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

All of us understood we’d focus on probably the most popular Tv show ever so any details about the script needed to be stored secretly.

The animation world is really small , it´s not nearly signing an agreement but comprehending the magnitude from the project you’re focusing on and behave expertly, cause not just is the demo reel your card but [same with] your attitude within the organization as well as your relation together with your employees.

ANIMATION MENTOR: What animation shot have you learn the best from?

JUAN: I’m able to say I learned something from every one of them because when an animator everyone knows that we’ll never animate exactly the same action two times within an identical. To ensure that enables you to push yourself look around the body mechanics and acting in each and every shot designated for you and take something unique from their store.

But when I needed to pick one, when the Wun Wun breaks a wight in two may be the shot I’d choose. Not just did I need to bother about the animation but I needed to use the Forex department to help keep the animation free and clean from geometry collisions, damaged poses…. to help make the job simpler for.

ANIMATION MENTOR: That which was your preferred shot to animate to date, and why?

JUAN: My personal favorite as well as most hated shot icon smile Juan Ramón Pou: From Animation Mentor to Bet on Thrones was the main one with Wun Wun striking a lot of wights since I needed to pay lots of focus on the choreography for those individuals 18 figures on screen, make sure they are all look real since these were hands entered animation and become so careful if this found them getting together with the backdrop or live figures, Wun Wun within this situation. This shot also assisted me understand when and just how to interrupt a few of the animation concepts I had been trained to help make the figures look just as real when i could.

I needed to avoid any cartoony feeling, structurally correct poses, destroy some silhouettes….but because they’ve always stated in my experience at AM, “In to test their boundaries, we must make certain we know them before you take this step”. So I needed to be cautious with this and work carefully using the animation supervisor/director.

ANIMATION MENTOR: What kinds of figures and/or animals would you animate on Bet on Thrones? Where do you experience feeling your talents are?

Within this sequence we simply labored on human-like figures, wights, white-colored ramblers and digital doubles needed on certain shots to populate the backdrop.

I can’t really say where my talents are cause during these type of projects you realize ahead of time that any shot regardless of how easy it may look like could possibly get pretty tricky. I believe that´s one thing I love most in animation, feeling type of frightened of any shot you have been designated to since it pushes me to provide my favorite. People say “you are nearly as goodOrpoor animator as the last shot is”. I usually keep that quote engraved i believe.

ANIMATION MENTOR: If there’s one animation tip or technique you’d tell someone attempting to animate on Bet on Thrones, what will it be?

JUAN: After I suffer from realistic animation and I´m not able to make use of any mo-cap sources I tend not just to videotape myself or any other people however, if the shot is extremely complex and I´m unable to have any video reference that signifies that action It’s my job to gather pictures, sketches, videos that demonstrate similar actions. Showing your projects for your job mates and administrators is essential too. And something last factor I´m lately doing is studying creatures moving since i have have recognized that a few of their body behavior could be “translated” right into a body. Whether it labored for Wally Disney it is useful for you also icon smile Juan Ramón Pou: From Animation Mentor to Bet on Thrones

ANIMATION MENTOR: Do you know us the variations between hands key animation, mo-cap, and rotomotion? Are individuals techniques accustomed to produce each episode?

JUAN: With this project, we make use of all individuals techniques :

Hands key animation shots are utilized once the shot is complex and also the figures have to be animated manually – no mo-cap involved. Which means your character is within “Default” pose and also the animation is completed by hand on your part, the director briefing, as well as your imagination.

Mo-cap shots are utilized once the character’s actions happen to be taken from the live actor, who has a tendency to match the attitude from the character but additionally needs an animator pass to wash up, adapt it towards the camera position and improve it to really make it look even better.

Rotomotion shots are utilized to replace a stunt´s mind or limb for any digital one, this type of animation appears easy however it becomes pretty tricky since you need to perfectly match individuals digital braches or areas of the body towards the live footage to market the concept that individuals braches,head… are actually real and area of the character. Sometimes individuals shots contain cloth simulation which enables you to not just be worried about matching the live footage but you might also need to maneuver the CGI substitute coherently within the space to help make the dynamic simulation behave naturally.

ANIMATION MENTOR: What can you suggest someone concentrate on when they wanted to get this done kind of work expertly?

JUAN: To those who have an interest on focusing on VFX projects I recommend to obtain professional training since gaining knowledge from the very best in the market always go simpler.

Also training in your own home, picking up your best body mechanics exercises and putting them to your demo reel to exhibit the recruiters of the items you are able to do. No matter whether it´s a rotomotion, mo-cap or hands key shot, the greater abilities you will find the better since within the VFX industry there are plenty of various roles for computer animators. So sell yourself being an animator who are able to cope with any type of shots or techniques.

ANIMATION MENTOR: How did Animation Mentor get you prepared for the?

JUAN: AM trained me how you can face any type of shots in the strategy planning stage towards the last stage of sharpening.

I had been trained the animation recipe.

From video reference, to solid obstructing, using different techniques with the splining process, feedback, feedback, feedback, good attitude…and I had been also trained how you can transition in to the industry by making deadlines and keeping my animations tidy and clean since you will see individuals from different departments who’ll focus on my shots. Clean files get people to smile to you within the corridors of the organization icon smile Juan Ramón Pou: From Animation Mentor to Bet on Thrones