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he Month Which Was : Google I/O 2016

Google i/O 16 image with android robot.

Google’s I/O 2016 came making some smashing keynote bulletins. The approaching Android Developer Malaysia N, Google’s breakthrough IOT technology for houses and cars, the bigger than existence VR with Google Daydream and also the mythical customized modular phone story from 2013 being recognized as Project Ara all of this and much more happened in the I/O 2016, In situation you missed around the updates, here’s a rounding on everything that got us excited like a mobile application development firm.

Android Developer Malaysia

Android Developer Malaysia

#1 Android Instant Apps at Google I/O 2016

This latest feature around the Google Playstore can change the way in which application users download Android Developer Malaysia ! How?

A 5 minute pre-install demo for each application Inside a bid to create application installations more transparent and also to get foolproof data on application retention and application engagement, Google intends to introduce a 5 minute demo feature that will help Android smartphone user’s determine if or otherwise they would like to install the application on their own device.

So how exactly does it affect Application proprietors and Android Developer Malaysia users?

Now apps will need to win absolutely on merit. Brilliant application-marketing and quality features usually have gone hands in hands to get downloads. The demo feature helps to ensure that no application will pass the figures and analytics test around the store just due to installations, because it’ll have to pass through the consumer acceptance test in the demo stage and become reviewed with that basis too.

Okay Google! Challenge Recognized!

#2 Allo and Duo : Messaging and Video Calling Android Developer Malaysia

Google announced two new communication apps – Allo, a messaging application, and Duo a face to face video calling application. Is Google finally creating for that Hangouts disaster?

If a person believes the intent that these apps were announced, then your whole plan’s to exchange the typical chat bots using the very effective Google internet search engine. You can key in everything that you’d inside a Search and obtain exactly the same solutions, only inside a group chat or personal messenger.