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Quick tutorial

I will demonstrate the way i produced 150×150 pixel thumbnail with this article. I will use screenshot above pointed out of PSD Fan.

1. Produce a new document like proven below.


2. Go ahead and take screenshot and paste it to your document. Then press Ctrl T and enter settings proven below.


3. Move your photo up a little using Move Tool. You ought to have something similar to this.


4. Visit Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur and apply 1.5 pixels. Go to Filter – Blur – Motion Blur and apply 4 pixels with 10° position. You ought to have something similar to this.


5. Grab Rectangle Tool, place it to Fill Pixels mode and connect it’s size to 150×32 pixels. Produce a new layer and draw it. Put it somewhere in bottom.

App Developer Malaysia

App Developer Malaysia


6. Lower the Fill Opacity to 35% and apply 1 pixel black stroke with 40% Opacity.


7. Incorperate your text. I made use of

Myriad Pro

Regular, 18 pt, Sharp, White-colored, Tracking

Drop shadow, 30% Opacity, px Distance, % Spread, 1 px Size

I Quickly duplicated layer, rasterized it and colored it black. I placed it under original and moved 1 px lower. That provides you with little depth effect.


8. Select soft brush (I made use of 50 px large) and brush around brinks. Go to Filter – Blur – Box Blur and apply 20 pixels. Within this situation I decreased the Opacity to 45%.


9. Produce a new layer above your screenshot layer. Grow it with 50% gray and hang it to Overlay. Use Burn and Dodge tool to darken corners and highlight middle part. After you’re done, apply some Gaussian blur (I made use of 8 pixels). Lower layers Opacity if you want.


10. For final touches, I added some fuzzy vivid colors, warm photo filter and black and white-colored Gradient map with low opacity.



Well, so what can I explain to you? You’ve seen various layouts, techniques and purposes of thumbnails. Now it’s time for you to improve yours.

Learn Illustrator.

There aren’t specific tutorials for creating thumbnails much, but when you’re blogging about Illustrator, then sometimes it’s well worth looking at a few of the tutorials. Learn new techniques and explore facilities. Which will relief your projects hugely.

Ask advice

Should you aren’t sure regarding your design, request a feedback. You’re going to get objective opinion and can perform some focus on mistakes.


You’re most likely using Google Analytics or similar plan to track your sites stats. So research more and discover how large affect on tour visitors your thumbnails have.

Methods for use

You saw some efficient ways to use thumbnails. Never be afraid to become creative. Think enabling you to make use of your thumbnails to profit the very best from their store.