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This process is much more simple than using screenshots. If you’re covering art or design, you can easily select one image out of your publish and hang it as being thumbnail. Again, people will receive a preview of publish content and thumbnail is going to be attractive.


Abduzeedo always chooses one gorgeous image using their daily inspiration series and sets it as being a thumbnail. Readers place the truly amazing artwork and wish to see more.


Reencoded is covering humorous artworks and they’ve selected up colorful and catching image his or her thumbnail.

App Developer Singapore

App Developer Singapore

Text on thumbnail

Adding some text for your thumbnails might help people focus for your posts. This text will also help to create visitors when they look for images in sites like Google.



Trendland includes a unique and extremely great solution. When you hover the thumbnail, a appear with a few introduction is revealed. That method for you to save much space and visitors might have both visual and written preview available.

U . s . style

If you’re writing lot about similar topics, a u . s . thumbnail design is really a neat solution. You may create thumbnails after premade template. This way you’ll save time and you’ll have stylish thumbnails. Many blogs have CSS solutions for thumbnail styling.

U . s .-1-publish-thumbnails

See individuals shadows under thumbnails in Web Stuff Share? They’re under every thumbnail which makes them look small arches. That provides your site more unified look. Every thumbnail differs there, but you can observe individuals shadows immediately.

U . s .-2-publish-thumbnails

Hv-Designs releases free gift pack every Friday. Rather of making new thumbnail each week, Richard Carpenter has produced a template and merely changes the amount once per week.

Other uses

Thumbnails aren’t used just in primary page while users browse trough posts. Obviously that’s the most crucial utilization of them, but you may still find another, worth to say, uses.

Related posts

Related posts section after article is a fairly feature itself. But monotonous links just themselves aren’t embolding users to see another articles. You have to brighten them up. This is where thumbnails are available in again.