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Don’t let home of disasters spook you!

Your Investment Shining, American Psycho or even the Exorcist, sometimes the troubles that contracting may cause could be far scarier! But have no fear, Intouch Accounting are here to assist show you through every single process, with no sleep deprived nights, or worrying when the Inland revenue is hiding beneath your bed…

Let’s check out a few of the primary concerns Limited Company companies have and find out why they’re not too frightening in the end:


Whether you’re an experienced interior designer or simply beginning out, IR35 ought to always be considered when beginning a brand new contract. Although you shouldn’t allow it to prevent you from contracting, it’s something you must know and also have respect for. Our clients don’t be concerned, as our monthly all-inclusive service charge of £98  VAT includes limitless IR35 contract risk checks.

Don’t allow the anxiety about ‘what if’ prevent you from contracting! Within our ebrief: IR35 – the suggested changes we outline precisely what IR35 is, the way it may affect your suggested changes for April 2016.

Declaring expenses

Would you be worried about declaring for business expenses, for anxiety about not remaining compliant? Or would you restrain from buying equipment that you’ll require for business, just in case you cannot claim for this? Your contractor accountant will have the ability to provide you with suggestions about what you could and can’t claim. Intouch clients can ask their Personal Accountant about declaring expenses every time they wish.

Interior Designer

Interior Designer

The ways that you are able to claim for expenses can change in April 2016. Don’t hold back until then download our ebrief to obtain up to date now.

HMRC Research

Most likely among the scariest things a specialist can face is really a dreaded letter from HMRC announcing an analysis! You’re certain to feel some apprehension should you choose receive one.

Intouch clients can remain awesome like a cucumber, as professional fee protection services are incorporated inside their fee every month. This means that if HMRC plan to research them, they’re covered for approximately £75,000 of accountancy charges per claim out on another need to bother about the money or time interior designer cost you. They just forward their letter onto their Personal Accountant plus they is going to do the relaxation! Wondering exactly what the other advantages of fee protection service are and why you really need it? Check out our blog.

Travel and Subsistence (T&S)

You’re most likely going to need to visit your client’s offices which is expensive. And just what concerning the other possible expenses you’ll incur, like rooms in hotels or food? These worries could deter you going for a contract, particularly if you think it’s likely to set you back a leg and leg.

Don’t panic! Although T&S could be a complex area to obtain your mind around, your individual Accountant will have the ability to show you on what you could claim and the easiest method to achieve this. Like expenses, the means by which you’ll claim for T&S can change in April 2016. Check out our ebrief to obtain up to date using the plans HMRC are recommending.

Just Beginning Out

Thinking about contracting and have just began out and concerned about what’s hiding behind every corner? We recognize how daunting it may be when you are a new comer to the contracting game, but by getting the best support behind you, it can change from the nightmare right into a dream.