Interior Designer Malaysia

Does your house reflect your professional style?

My house reflects the life-style factors that I introduce to each project. To elaborate, this really is produced by stimulating the senses by using layered natural and artificial lighting, adding colour and different tones, comfortable yet sleek furniture, and lighting candle lights for scent at interior designer Malaysia .

I reside in an adaptable space with sliding screens and each area could be changed from formal to intimate comfortable. I incorporate nature into my projects and my house shows this strong component of my designs well.

We extended the home and also have a lengthy wall of home windows partitioning your garden in the lower first floor giving a seamless feel with nature. Upstairs around the upper first floor there exists a terrace that’s almost filled with plant life, because there are many containers with plants and foliage around the terrace and also the trees in the garden below touch along side it from the terrace.

Interior Designer Malaysia

Interior Designer Malaysia

I love to possess a link with nature on as numerous amounts of a home as you possibly can. Art plays a large role in creating my house and every room includes a carefully curated selection that informs a tale past the architecture and interior of my house.

Shalini Misra

What’s next for the business/brand?

Expansion – We’re growing in an amazing rate with wonderful creative projects worldwide together with a farm house in Delhi, an extravagance home in Mumbai, a 26,000 sq foot rental property in Dubai, several houses working in london, and flats in New You are able to.

Interior designer Malaysia also focusing on a thrilling development project, a great Victorian lateral apartment in the middle of Mayfair, along with a grade 2 listed apartment in Belgravia.

We’re collaborating having a top gallerist in Milan and opening a pop-up space soon working in london featuring chandeliers, furniture and area rugs. We’re focusing on some beautiful ceramic containers to become released soon working in london and Delhi.

I’d like to carry on to grow my opportunity by focusing on projects in additional areas around the globe, opening a workplace in India and creating boutique hotels and flagship designer stores.