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At the end of This summer, Google introduced that it’ll offer live traffic information to cell ios developer in additional than thirty U.S. metropolitan areas. Intends to supply the traffic feature to Computers continue to be within the works. Google’s traffic feature is going to be launched being an update towards the free Google Maps for Mobile service, that has been readily available for 18 several weeks for download around the Google site. Google wouldn’t disclose the number of customers it’s, however it states the amount keeps growing quickly.

The feature grows Google’s mapping technology into a place where Microsoft Corp. and Yahoo curently have a name, but diversely. Yahoo and Microsoft offer real-time traffic info on their Web-based mapping services for Computers. Microsoft has selected to maneuver in to the mobile “space” by certification traffic-monitoring technology for mobile products to some Kirkland-based startup, InRix Corporation. Yahoo presently doesn’t have mobile traffic service. MapQuest, an America online property, offers traffic reviews over mobile phones for $2.99 monthly.

With typical bombast, Microsoft introduced that whenever operable, the InRix mobile service will really predict approaching traffic problems – however presently the MSN mobile mapping technology provides no traffic information whatsoever.

IOS Developer

IOS Developer

Within the metropolitan areas where ios developer really works, google’s feature can have traffic conditions of all major freeways – showing eco-friendly for obvious roadways, yellow for medium congestion and red for top congestion or stopped traffic. Google Maps works of all Java-enabled phones provided by Cingular and Sprint and all sorts of color BlackBerry products. The service doesn’t presently focus on phones using their company major service providers for example Verizon or T-Mobile USA. Google Maps transmits the information – acquired from an undisclosed source – every 5 minutes.

Although Google’s free service does not identify traffic hazards or accidents, it’ll let motorists determine if there’s a clogged road. Google also shows the expected drive here we are at a route when phone customers look for driving directions. It’s introduced an element that allows customers save their most favorite locations and sometimes used driving directions for future use.

The 3 search engines like google are not by yourself, however. In Feb, Rand McNally Traffic started supplying a downloadable mobile application that provides news of real-time traffic flow, accidents, climate conditions and road closures to 94 metropolitan areas. Rand McNally Visitors are on Sprint, Nextel, AT&T Wireless along with other services for $3.99 per month.

Media giant Obvious Funnel Communications’ Total Traffic Network feeds content in 125 marketplaces in the united states to fifteen services. One of these offers the information to customers with Sprint cell phones for any $9.99 monthly subscription. That services are relatively recent. Additionally to climate conditions and traffic information, the service offers data on service station prices.

Mobile phones are quickly turning out to be Gps navigation products, with localized information being an added feature. It remains seen the number of individuals will use their mobile phone screens for traffic news, one eye on the highway and the other on the telephone. In certain states and many local areas, it’s already illegal to utilize a handheld mobile phone while driving. A few of these areas allow hands-free use, however that won’t assist with a visible feature. It will likely be interesting to find out if this new functionality is restricted by governmental concern over safe driving habits.