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Is the local database likely to be large or wouldn’t it need frequent syncing using the server?

Several iphone developer phone applications, that have large database and work offline after frequently synching using the server might not succeed with mix-platform Approach. mix-platform Approach provides choice to add SQLite or WebSQL within the project and supply server syncing and offline functionality.

However, when the application will make several asynchronous queries using the local database or server database as well as your schema is large, you’ll start to see slow performance and also the application might crash. Don’t make use of this approach knowing your application is extremely database driven and synch frequently having a backend server.

IPhone Developer

IPhone Developer

The number of native smarphone APIs does your application use?

Would your application use Push notifications, Address Book API, Media player or the advanced Phone APIs? If so, you would like to be cautious. You would like to discuss this together with your developer and make certain he is able to achieve these while using native approach and won’t have performance issues.

Many occasions these integrations want more cost and time within the mix-platform approach when compared to native approach.

Does your application need 508 Compliance?

Some of the apps for healthcare or government industry require to become 508 compliant. This makes certain that the iphone developer may be used by blind, deaf or any other disabled users. Attempting to make an application 508 Compliant while using mix-platform approach doesn’t work, specifically for a few of the Android Phones. It takes utilization of Talkback feature which can provide you with issues while building the application while using mix-platform approach. Native approach causes it to be simpler and helps to ensure that the application could be 508 compliant for those android and ios models as native SDK provides coding support to apply them easily.