Software Development

IT department automation within an enterprise.

Suggested: for that heads of businesses, IT departments, system managers

This information will let you know:

How you can rapidly install Home windows on all computer software development of the enterprise.

How you can rapidly upgrade software on all enterprise computer systems without losing data.

How you can automate all sorts of routine processes within an enterprise.

How you can boost the productivity of system managers within an enterprise.

Any organization faces the issue of timely software update on all computer systems along with the problem from the quick recovery and configuration of the employee’s working atmosphere. To resolve this issue we provide our product: Almeza MultiSet.

A business before using MultiSet:

The program is installed/configured by hand using the worker dealing with this computer being idle at the moment.

Databases are up-to-date, computer systems are configured, software is to establish – everything can also be done by hand and needs the administrator to become present at each computer.

Every remote office requires system managers to be used

The IT staff needs to be arranged to be duty 24 hrs each day.

Expenses on business journeys produced by technical specialists are essential.

You receive the next benefits once you deploy MultiSet inside your company:

You’ll need only one administrator at any time around the network to update anywhere of software on a variety of computer systems. Observe that time required to update software on all computer systems is going to be roughly comparable to time required for one computer!

You’ll be able to rapidly alter the configuration on multiple or separate computer systems through the entire network. Observe that the administrator needs to be physically present at one computer only.

Software Development

Software Development

You’ll be able to rapidly and securely re-install WindowsXP without losing any current data!

You’ll be able to produce a master disk for that standard automatic installing of some software on a variety of computer systems.

You’ll be able to instantly install Home windows along with motorists, service packs, any kinds of tools and programs.

You’ll be able to rapidly update databases, configuration files on client computer software development .

Using MultiSet significantly increases the potency of while using work hours from the IT administration department.

Why particularly MultiSet?

Reliability. MultiSet reliably operates on any kind of Home windows operating-system.

Quickness. Because of its innovational formula, MultiSet performs its functions fast, exactly and, that is most significant, reliably.

Reliability.. Among our clients you will find banks, government organizations, customer care services, large companies, which proves the particular effectiveness of MultiSet used.

Flexible prices policy. We provide a really flexible prices policy that enables you to definitely cover a lot of computer systems at least cost.

Low system needs. MultiSet has minimum system requirement of its work. MultiSet props up following os’s: Home windows Vista/XP/2003/2000 (32-bit) and Home windows Vista/XP/2003 (64-bit).


Small organizations frequently don’t have enough funds to use webmaster also it frequently happens that regular employees need to update and configure software.

MultiSet will help you to lower your expenses on calling managers for each client computer, save considerable time for everybody and for that reason provide additional time for workers to invest on their own direct responsibilities.