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Since patent examiners depend a lot on keyword searches, whenever software development company submit the application, if you’re able to change a few of the key phrases inside your patent to become diverse from the language used otherwise, you can find your patent through even if there’s blatant prior art, because by utilizing weird, made-up words for things, you’ve made that prior art harder to locate.

Now to the third technique. Maybe you have seen a patent application that seems unbelievably broad? (“Good lord, they’re attempting to patent CARS!”). Here’s why. You is deliberately overreaching, that’s, striving to obtain the largest possible patent understanding that the worst factor that may happen would be that the patent examiner whittles their claims lower as to the these were titled to patent anyway.

Allow me to illustrate that as simply when i can. In the centre of the patent is a summary of claims: what you allege to possess invented you will get a monopoly on in case your patent is recognized.

Software Development Company

Software Development Company

A good example may help. Make a simple application using these three claims:

1. An approach to transportation

2. The technique of transportation in claim 1, in which there’s an electric train engine linked to wheels

3. The technique of transportation in claim 2, in which the engine operates on water

Observe that claim 2 mentions claim 1, and narrows it… quite simply, it claims a rigid subset of products from claim 1.

Now, suppose you invented water-powered vehicle. Whenever you submit your patent, you may send software development company in by doing this even understanding that there’s prior art for “methods of transportation” and also you can’t really claim these as the invention. The idea is the fact that (a) hey, you can find lucky! and (b) even when you do not get lucky and also the first claim is declined, the narrower claims will still stand.