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Website Design Ledger has nice 5 related posts after article each with pretty large fixed size thumbnail.


Smashing Hub also offers 5 related posts, but they’re using small squared thumbnails. The disadvantages are there are large spacings between titles and individuals thumbnails are actually small.


But Graphics Blender includes a solution with this problem. They’ve placed titles in fixed space below thumbnails. Even though there are less posts, however the spacing is nice and it is compact.

Featured posts

Featured publish thumbnails are more essential, because they’ll be seen by a lot more people. Again, in case your thumbnails are labored great, they’ll attract plenty of visitors.


Iso 50 does not have much space for featured posts, but individuals small dishy thumbnails will work great around the right side of posts.


Epicera Studio has really large thumbnails and they’re using jQuery to rotate them. There’s also category and title with direct links on thumbnails. For those who have much space inside your design, this really is one brilliant solution.

Android Developer Singapore

Android Developer Singapore

Gallery view

Blogs, who’re posting a great deal frequently use gallery style publish view. Thumbnails are important then. Because you won’t have the ability to add lengthy publish descriptions, only accessible information is going to be title and thumbnail. And, obviously, for the reason that miscellany people won’t focus a lot towards the titles. They’ll locate a enjoyable picture to click.


Design Aside is publishing lots of posts, so that they have selected gallery publish view. With individuals large thumbnails it’s super easy to rapidly go beyond the information.


Chonch Style has customized thumbnails to complement the designs. Pretty large rectangular thumbnails with title in it makes browsing agreeable.

List thumbnails

If you have a lengthy list with articles or links again, as with related posts, people will not be prepared to read individuals titles anc click them. Small thumbnail is really a fine way to avoid it.


Website Design Ledger has placed two lists using their premium files and up to date articles around the left side. Each link includes a small 25×25 pixel thumbnail before it. You cannot obtain a good preview of these, but a minimum of it’s something and it is a lot better than just boring listing of links.


Boompa has added small squared thumbnails revealing their audio. There aren’t a lot of links, to allow them to pay the thumbnails to become bigger.

Android Developer Singapore

An iMessage application enables Android Developer Singapore to present a custom interface inside the Messages application, produce a sticker browser, include text, stickers, and media files inside a conversation, and make, send, increase interactive messages.

An iMessage application will also help users search images that you simply host in your app’s related website while they’re within the Messages application.

Developers want to use the APIs within the Messages framework (Messages.framework).

iOS 10 Siri package messages

How all of this?

This selection doesn’t really affect a 3rd party native Android Developer Singapore by yet but applies simply to apple’s messenger, similar to the Google Voice look for in application searches in Allo. Say you’re typing a note to transmit and you have to create a quick reference while keying in the contents. While remaining around the messenger screen you are able to ask Siri to help make the search and display results without getting to change to some browser.

Android Developer Singapore

Android Developer Singapore

Transcribing with Siri:

iOS 10 Siri transcribing within the demo

Siri , the adorable personal assistant just got such a job responsibility : Transcribing.

Take a rest all that typing, continuous keystrokes, eye squishing concentrate on the screen, just relax and let Siri key in your mails and messages for you personally.

iOS 10 introduces a brand new API that supports continuous speech recognition helping Android Developer Singapore build apps that may recognize speech and transcribe it into text. While using APIs within the Speech framework (Speech.framework), you are able to perform speech transcription of both real-some time and recorded audio.

So how exactly does this function?

To begin with, transcribing in your phone is a great feature for working professionals. Imagine having the ability to dictate and shoot a mail by speaking for your phone while you fall into line for the morning Starbucks or when you hail that cab to another meeting.

All you need to do is :

“Hey Siri , Tell john I’ll be late by 5 minutes towards the meeting scheduled for five pm.”