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The number of occasions have you ever had buddies charge a fee help when looking for certain information simply because they just didn’t understand how to find the correct information? Gov departments and utilities especially, I’m searching to you! I know everybody has already established their very own soul destroying encounters with sites such as the IRS.

Browsing the net should not be this difficult – once we are frequently told, content is still king.

We have to make sure that content takes pride of put on its’ throne, that users will find all the details that they’re searching for. We shouldn’t need to come and go of the million different menus before we find the appropriate content.

Web Designer

Web Designer


You realize best what details are essential for your users, make certain this post is readily available.

So you’ve lots of content in your site?:

Make certain things are in relevant sections in your site

Result in the search function in your site work nicely.

Obvious tagging and groups can be very convenient!

Make certain what must stick out, does stick out.

Things have to be logically named.

A blur test (in which you add say a tenPercent blur for your design images) will help make certain what you would like to become visible does indeed stick out. Use usability testing sites like IntuitionHQ.com to determine what’s working and what’s not.

2. Poor layout




QQ.com – see all of the text flying at the face?

I understand this really is in Chinese – this means you can observe all of the text flying at the face much more

Poor Layout – allterrain.co.nz

Text, everywhere. Need to know more? Click! Anywhere!

Poor Layout – craigslist.org

Functional? Type of. Pretty? Not really close.

Obviously, one more reason why submissions are so difficult to find is poor layout.

How about all individuals websites that think they ought to include all their content, and more around the primary page of the site?

How about including plenty of flashy banners everywhere?


How about sticking all of the navigation menus within the last place anybody will probably look?






Website Designer

Therefore, the task of the UX designer also involves as being a marketer because he develops the event and improvement from the quality which satisfies the client along with the business proprietor.

UI design, however, is comparable to graphics, but may include brand design as well as front finish development. It accounts for converting the the force and visual assets of the trademark to some product’s interface to help make the consumer experience far better.

Website Designer

Website Designer

The Ketchup Metaphor

The easiest method to illustrate the main difference between UX and UI is to apply the ketchup metaphor.

A couple of in the past, there is a ketchup company that developed a beautiful bottle because of its ketchup. It’d a large bottom having a thick and narrow neck. It is made to be always placed upright within the refrigerator. However, when there’s little ketchup left within the bottle, you need to shake the bottle hard to get the ketchup from the bottle making the procedure a little annoying towards the user.

The ketchup company discovered this plus they redesigned the bottle. The brand new bottle includes a wider top which allows you to put it upside lower without getting toppled. Then when there’s little ketchup left within the bottle, all you need to do is put it upside lower and when it’s needed, it’s simpler to squeeze the ketchup from the bottle. You were happy about this.

The brand new design not just reduced the problem, however it improved the expertise of the consumer as built them into faithful to the merchandise. With regards to the appearance or even the UI, the brand new design looked more beautiful and much more helpful.


Both UX and UI are interrelated and intertwined tightly. One cannot exist with no other. Furthermore, they ought to never run by themselves but should coordinate to have success inside your design.






Web Designer

X has gorgeous retina visuals and stunning animation effects.

Design and Visuals

Now this is when X really shines. X looks amazing straight as Web Designer are and you may duplicate their beautiful demos to offer the same look and layout with only a click of button! That’s pretty damn impressive!

You’ll want a Stack (how X describes its 4 unique designs) selected to make use of X. Switching Stacks doesn’t just mean Web Designer receive a new skin, this means you’ll get another group of styles, features, and functionality specific to that particular Stack. For instance, Icon’s unique fix sidebar is just obtainable in that Stack since you cannot utilize it in almost any others. Furthermore, Ethos’ magazine-type has features, for example Publish Slide carousel, Publish Slider, featured publish display, and much more, that are only accessible for the reason that Stack.

Web Designer

Web Designer

[ctt title=” Web Designer  better to fail in originality than to achieve imitation – Herman Melville” tweet=”It ‘s better to fail in originality than to achieve imitation @1stwebdesigner” coverup=”79maa”]

Then on the top of this, you’ll be able to help personalize a style by developing a child theme to overwrite the styling from the Stack you utilize.

Hope this allows you to know how Stacks work, Now, we are able to join in much deeper in to the four primary Stacks X has:

Integrity is easily the most feature wealthy, awesome all-purpose WordPress business theme

Renew is really a creative, clean, professional theme, focused around flat website design trend

Icon may be the simplest theme with minimal design, no distractions

Ethos is really a versatile theme best employed for news or magazine Web Designer , where huge amounts of content must be displayed in a single page.

That’s a fast overview, but lets dive much deeper now.


Different demos in various sizes for Integrity theme.


10 Integrity theme designs are multipurpose and finest suited to small company proprietors who’ve lots of needs. You may want music, fashion, restaurant, photography, agency, video, portfolio, eCommerce, responsive, one page, BuddyPress, property friendly WordPress theme? X theme provides you with functionality and also the visual support to get Web Designer done all.

Web Designer

Features section explaining page templates, sidebars, one page navigation, sliders, portfolios, mega menus, and gallery

Customizer section – detailed explanation using Customizer to change your theme Web Designer

Addons section explaining all of the different add-on plugins you receive when you buy X

Customizations section

Meta Options section

WordPress training – thorough training how to begin using WordPress, ideal for new users

Shortcodes – visual composer tutorials explaining using all 40 built-in shortcodes.

Web Designer

Web Designer

Web Designer understanding is made of very useful including textual in addition to video explanations covering fundamental and advanced personalization topics.

Inside the X dashboard, you obtain access to following sources:

4 custom wordpress designs (known as Stacks by X)

15 effective X theme produced plugins

Demo content – Web Designer will find 10 different unique designs for that Integrity, Renew, and Icon styles and three designs for that Ethos theme. Here you are able to download the demo content for those these 33 versions and immediately put it on your site. A great method to quickly achieve exact setup the thing is within the demo

Changelog section – view all of the updates, bug fixes, and enhancements. This is an excellent place to discover the brand new functionality and find out or no bug you’d continues to be fixed. The X theme had 25 major updates in 2014

XIP experts – the X theme was built by talking to using the world’s top internet marketers. Within this section, you are able to exactly see what advice the high 10 marketers gave towards the X theme creatorsMarketing training section – here Web Designer can view in-depth videos about marketing and entrepreneurship which will help you think just like a marketer when designing websites on your own or perhaps your clients. From all of these videos, you’re going to get fundamental understanding about internet affiliate marketing, exchanging websites, e-mail marketing, power membership websites, Search engine optimization, info products, selling online, and taking advantage of videos like a advertising tool.
Learn basics of online marketing with X videos – x theme review
Learn basics of online marketing with X videos!

X theme strong marketing focus is among the greatest explanations why I love this theme a lot. It isn’t about only a pretty Web Designer , but it’s about creating a website leading to results you would like. With X, you get fundamental marketing training to become a better help for that clients you serve..and then charge more because you now provide greater level help.

Web Designer

Dashboard interface – how intuitive is dashboard for brand new users?

Web Designer especially concentrate on four primary criteria:

Theme Support – degree of support, documentation, tutorials, and users list

Design, visuals – how beautiful the theme is straight as Web Designer are

Cost – I’d say styles and frameworks are usually very economical, however i know price is important too with a people.

Functionality, versatility – This is probably the most in-depth section since it can help you uncover what goes on underneath the hood. It’ll include things, like additional extensions available, Search engine optimization ambiance, responsiveness, security, ease to update, site load speed, and easy personalization (page templates, widget areas,easy of adding custom CSS, child styles).

Web Designer

Web Designer

*Note – before picking the X theme for review, I examined the very best ThemeForest styles ElegantThemes, WooFramework, Thesis, OptimizePress, Themify, WpZoom etc.. I’m reviewing X first, since i read and heard a lot of advantages to it.. If you’re searching for additional choices, we lately made an accumulation of the very best 55 premium WordPress styles from 2015.

x theme review screenshot

When you purchase X, you do not just acquire one theme, you receive 4 unique Web Designer (known as Stacks) and 33 unique pre-built demos.

X: Impartial, Detailed as well as in-Depth Review

While X isn’t known as a framework, Web Designer built as you. X might feel like a surprising choice for a framework but because you retain studying, you’ll learn why it’s worth giving this theme a go and why I’m thinking about it the very best WordPress theme of 2015.For quite some time, Themeforest styles were built with a bad status since most styles don’t make use of the best coding practices. Styles are bloated adding unnecessary code and making theme files and databases bigger and slower than they must be. The problem continues to be improving but nonetheless it’s the situation with the majority of the ThemeForest styles. X stands out of the crowd because Web Designer isn’t just a fascinating and non-coder friendly theme, but additionally includes a clean code, amazing functionality, and good site loading speed. It doesn’t clutter your theme with code you shouldn’t use. Additionally, X is extremely effective when Web Designer comes to functionality and customizability in addition to ideal for professional web-developers too.

Web Designer

Bridge users have selected it for several reasons, like the nice layouts, code quality, feature availability, versatility, documentation, and personalization options. The very best come-on from the Bridge Theme, however, is Web Designer customer care.

Here is among the comments from the users:

…On the surface of the nice layouts, the client support team is extremely responsive and try everything they are able to to repair any risk or help you know the way to create your Web Designer seem like how you picture it. I’ve obtained a couple of styles from various creators which designers provided the very best of theme I’ve labored with yet. If only I’d have found them sooner.

Web Designer

Web Designer

– kqaglobal

Bridge Best Features:

QODE Slider

Full Customizable Headers and Title Area

Fully Customizable Mega Menu

Section Video Background

Ajax Animations On/Off

WooCommerce Ready

Bonus Parallax Pages

Contact7 CSS

Flexible Layout

Multiple Sidebars

View Demo and buy Theme Here


Salient is really a effective theme with nice support for shopping cart Web Designer and video header.

6. Salient ($58)

Salient is produced by ThemeNectar and is among the best-selling WordPress styles on ThemeForest due to its visually enhanced features. Certainly one of onpar gps range from the video background support which enables you to definitely add videos rather of just images. The primary idea of this theme would be to display every area of the website on homepage using custom sections, based on custom web design and multiple posts.

An incredible template that I’ve made the decision to buy in my company. Web Designer boasts lots of features where you can produce a visually attractive and effective website, for individuals without much experience of website design.

– Through_Light

The testimonial above reflects the numerous options the Salient theme offers its users. Web Designer portfolio configuration options and layouts are extensive and also you don’t need to bother about a breath-taking setup that are flexible and simple to use. You do not need to bother about becoming lost when establishing your site because ThemeNectar provides full documentation to help you all the way.

Web Designer

Couple Purchasing a Vehicle

You enter a vehicle dealership rich in about buying a brand new vehicle. The casino dealer you selected is definitely an amazing store which comes highly suggested and sells from economical Ford and GM cars, trucks, and minivans to luxury brands like Jaguar, Infiniti, and Ferrari. Everything in one place! What is better?

While you walk-through the doorway, you approach the sales rep and get her or him to supply a quick quote on the new vehicle. Web designer a practical request right? No not necessarily.

Web Designer

Web Designer

It’s challenging for the casino dealer personnel to supply a quote, because there’s a lot information it normally won’t what you think, your requirements, as well as your wants. You may be a minivan driving soccer mother or perhaps an adrenaline junkie who needs speed. But honestly, at this time the sales rep doesn’t know who or what you’re and for that reason cannot start to determine what you are able want or need.

Purchasing Criteria

As one example of my point, let’s consider some fundamental criteria for buying a brand new vehicle. Web designer explore these by means of questions in order you read them and pretend you’re the buyer.

The number of people will the vehicle have to transport?

Do you need additional space for sports gear or creatures?

Which kind of climate are you going to drive the automobile in?

What features you need?

Which kind of vehicle are you finding attractive?

What is the particular body style you want?

Have you got a color preference?

Have you got a brand preference?

How important are safety ratings?

Is gas performance a fundamental part of your choice?

Are you going to lease or buy?

How’s your credit history?

Are you needing new or are you currently seeking a second hand vehicle?

How quickly do you want the brand new vehicle?

What’s your financial allowance?

How lengthy are you planning on owning this vehicle?

The number of miles are you planning on driving every month?

Web Designer

Big news in the Affinity Designer team! No, it isn’t on Home windows yet (they’re working with that). They’ve introduced two additional features that can make dealing with Affinity Designer a little simpler.

The very first is one web designer all somewhat acquainted with: symbols. Within this situation, symbols are objects which there might be several instance. Edit one, and also you edit all of them. It’s ideal for creating repeating content like image art galleries.

The majority of the big graphics and style programs possess some form of this selection, and it is best to see Affinity Designer follow. it will take many of the discomfort from editing plenty of objects.

Web Designer

Web Designer

The truly big news, however will bring pleasure anybody that has ever endured to mock up a responsive design. Essentially, the now you can apply constraints to the object with different “parent” object. You realize, like browsers do instantly.

Essentially, when you generate a parent object (like a background) and a few smaller sized objects (buttons, text boxes, etc.), web designer are able to define how individuals smaller sized objects will react once the parent object is resized. You are able to set these to stretch and contract, or simply move in accordance with one fringe of the item, or redistribute themselves to remain centered.

And sure, setting all this up is a little work, however you are able to duplicate these objects onto a brand new art board, and they’ll instantly, responsively switch to match the brand new “screen size”.Yeah. It’s awesome. There hasn’t been anything such as this in almost any point ’n’ click graphics or design application that I’ve come across up to now. Not because the invention of vector graphics themselves have I seen anything quite as helpful to UI designers. Well, to those that don’t design within the browser, anyway.

This selection makes Affinity Designer a worthy contender within the responsive design space, making me even more excited to determine the applying go mix-platform.

Web Designer

Actually, individuals are simply the natively available elements. On the top of this, you will find third-party apps that can present you with job scheduling functionality, polls, much more advanced forms, Search engine optimization apps, leaving comments systems, and nearly other things imaginable. A few of these apps have the freedom, many are compensated, and every one of them might be helpful to a person.

Plus, you are able to preview all your operate in both desktop mode, and mobile mode. Ok, mobile mode is really a glorified iframe, but it’s a start.

Template quality

Template quality is fairly high, clearly. Weebly has existed for some time, web designer are able to manage to hire good designers and front-finish devs. Still, if you are unhappy with all the different highly-easy to customize templates available, you could edit the origin, or help make your own. Weebly uses the Mustache templating language, so it’s possible.

Web Designer

Web Designer

Plans & prices

The disposable plan, although it does not have 1 / 2 of exactly what the compensated plans do, could certainly be employed to host a complete, if small, website, by itself. You would not have the ability to make use of a custom domain, however it works.

Another plans are: Starter ($8 USD monthly), Pro ($12 USD monthly), and Business ($25 USD monthly). Together, you receive more support, domain names, more storage, the choice to get rid of Weebly branding out of your site, membership areas, SSL, e-commerce options, and much more.


I’m really fairly impressed. I am talking about, Weebly is way in the only plan to supply the things it will, however i remember it from before. Web designer altered a great deal, and it is perfectly viable for just about any small-to-medium-sized site. I am talking about, it fails to deliver of the items a sizable community, or corporation, may need, but it’ll handle almost everybody else’s needs.

9) Wix


Wix is yet another certainly one of individuals services that’s been around for any lengthy time, and didn’t look this good. Heck, I recall once the templates counseled me still table-based. I am talking about, it released nearly two decades ago, a minimum of, according (again) towards the Wayback Machine. The greater modern incarnation, the main one using the site builder, was released in the year 2006.

And that’s the way i out that, Wix means the net Information eXchange. Sometimes you forget it isn’t all just nonsensical startup names that “kinda seem cool”.

Web Designer

Produced in the Fitness Expert template:

Jin Wu Koon

If you wish to get pumped about swimming, you might like to take a look at Jin Wu Koon. Having a bold color plan and fonts to complement, this Sydney dojo nailed their site’s website design. We especially love the way they planned out their class schedule (rollover the classes to determine what we should mean).

Jin Wu Koon Fighting Techinques Academy Sydney_site

Wix Website Template: Bicycle Store

This gorgeous eCommerce website template should increase sales. Stunning design aside, it’s features are carefully placed to be able to optimize an individual’s experience in your web designer , turning a possible buyer right into a customer. As the product gallery is unquestionably great, we’re big on the FAQ section that gives important information in fashion.

new templates_jan 20169

Produced in the Bicycle Store template:

Mon Cheri

Even when your Russian is rusty, odds are very good that you could place a sensational website if you notice one. We’re unsure in addition to this gorgeous – Mon Cheri’s perfect website or their inventive terrariums and floral plans? We’re able to happily take more time attempting to decide.

Mon Che´ri Flowers_site

Web Designer

Web Designer

Produced in the Bicycle Store template:

Jellyfish & Co

Where will we start? Fun items, fabulous full-width strips, awesome fonts, or even a small video background through the footer. Jellyfish & Co has our election! Although the web designer is within French, its not necessary to parler le francais bien to savor browsing this site.


Produced in the Bicycle Store template:

Stahl Ross

If we’re ever in Norwegian, we’d totally purchase a bicycle from Stahl Ross. We must provide them with major points to take a motorcycle store template, for their actual bicycle store, but even while adapting the look to become totally unique for their awesome brand.

Stahl Ross Cycles Neo Classics_site

Produced in the Bicycle Store template:

The Hands Dyed Shoe Company

Simon Bourne takes focus on detail seriously. Every facet of his website is as handcrafted and perfected as his hands dyed footwear – not just one element has run out of alignment or missing a comma. Where he really won our hearts though, is as simple as adding videos of him for action. Scroll completely lower towards the finish of his webpage to determine what we should mean.