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In which the shift from mortar and bricks to ecom is fairly apparent, it never entered the brain that mcommerce keeps growing quicker than ecommerce. Why is mobile becoming so significant on the first page? In the simplest words, Mcommerce is essentially trade using mobile. One good reason why mcom has become a necessity greater than a luxury is the fact that increasing numbers of people are actually on mobile. Based on a study by Mary Meeker’s 2014 Internet Trends report, smartphone usage has consistently grown in the last couple of years, so much in fact that 30% of mobile users in US are smartphone users. Although 30% doesn’t might not appear a great deal however when you are speaking about 5.2 billion population, it changes the whole game.

Web App Developer

Web App Developer

Are you aware, Starbucks earned $1 billion through mobile transactions in 2013? A retail mobile application is really a bending edged sword which at occasions is really a shift but additionally at other occasions is definitely an help to mortar and bricks that was the situation with Starbucks. Starbucks made an application to consider orders, maintain loyalty points etc that does not only improved their sales but additionally consumer engagement emotionally. Also, Latitude reported that the good mobile experience improves brand perception for 61% of individuals. Besides a retail application has to pay attention to mobile experience but additionally past the application experience which we describe as publish sales experience which drives retention to the retail application greater than every other strategy.Our feedback and review feature is yet another publish sales experience proactive approach. This course of action is really a measurement criteria for the understanding on the amount of consumer satisfaction we’re catering leading reasons for leading or missing retention for the application. With Myntra adopted by Flipkart going only mobile, we are able to sense a design that the retailers are following to win the race they’ve all been running in.