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X has gorgeous retina visuals and stunning animation effects.

Design and Visuals

Now this is when X really shines. X looks amazing straight as Web Designer are and you may duplicate their beautiful demos to offer the same look and layout with only a click of button! That’s pretty damn impressive!

You’ll want a Stack (how X describes its 4 unique designs) selected to make use of X. Switching Stacks doesn’t just mean Web Designer receive a new skin, this means you’ll get another group of styles, features, and functionality specific to that particular Stack. For instance, Icon’s unique fix sidebar is just obtainable in that Stack since you cannot utilize it in almost any others. Furthermore, Ethos’ magazine-type has features, for example Publish Slide carousel, Publish Slider, featured publish display, and much more, that are only accessible for the reason that Stack.

Web Designer

Web Designer

[ctt title=” Web Designer  better to fail in originality than to achieve imitation – Herman Melville” tweet=”It ‘s better to fail in originality than to achieve imitation @1stwebdesigner” coverup=”79maa”]

Then on the top of this, you’ll be able to help personalize a style by developing a child theme to overwrite the styling from the Stack you utilize.

Hope this allows you to know how Stacks work, Now, we are able to join in much deeper in to the four primary Stacks X has:

Integrity is easily the most feature wealthy, awesome all-purpose WordPress business theme

Renew is really a creative, clean, professional theme, focused around flat website design trend

Icon may be the simplest theme with minimal design, no distractions

Ethos is really a versatile theme best employed for news or magazine Web Designer , where huge amounts of content must be displayed in a single page.

That’s a fast overview, but lets dive much deeper now.


Different demos in various sizes for Integrity theme.


10 Integrity theme designs are multipurpose and finest suited to small company proprietors who’ve lots of needs. You may want music, fashion, restaurant, photography, agency, video, portfolio, eCommerce, responsive, one page, BuddyPress, property friendly WordPress theme? X theme provides you with functionality and also the visual support to get Web Designer done all.