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The number of occasions have you ever had buddies charge a fee help when looking for certain information simply because they just didn’t understand how to find the correct information? Gov departments and utilities especially, I’m searching to you! I know everybody has already established their very own soul destroying encounters with sites such as the IRS.

Browsing the net should not be this difficult – once we are frequently told, content is still king.

We have to make sure that content takes pride of put on its’ throne, that users will find all the details that they’re searching for. We shouldn’t need to come and go of the million different menus before we find the appropriate content.

Web Designer

Web Designer


You realize best what details are essential for your users, make certain this post is readily available.

So you’ve lots of content in your site?:

Make certain things are in relevant sections in your site

Result in the search function in your site work nicely.

Obvious tagging and groups can be very convenient!

Make certain what must stick out, does stick out.

Things have to be logically named.

A blur test (in which you add say a tenPercent blur for your design images) will help make certain what you would like to become visible does indeed stick out. Use usability testing sites like IntuitionHQ.com to determine what’s working and what’s not.

2. Poor layout




QQ.com – see all of the text flying at the face?

I understand this really is in Chinese – this means you can observe all of the text flying at the face much more

Poor Layout – allterrain.co.nz

Text, everywhere. Need to know more? Click! Anywhere!

Poor Layout – craigslist.org

Functional? Type of. Pretty? Not really close.

Obviously, one more reason why submissions are so difficult to find is poor layout.

How about all individuals websites that think they ought to include all their content, and more around the primary page of the site?

How about including plenty of flashy banners everywhere?


How about sticking all of the navigation menus within the last place anybody will probably look?