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Produced in the Fitness Expert template:

Jin Wu Koon

If you wish to get pumped about swimming, you might like to take a look at Jin Wu Koon. Having a bold color plan and fonts to complement, this Sydney dojo nailed their site’s website design. We especially love the way they planned out their class schedule (rollover the classes to determine what we should mean).

Jin Wu Koon Fighting Techinques Academy Sydney_site

Wix Website Template: Bicycle Store

This gorgeous eCommerce website template should increase sales. Stunning design aside, it’s features are carefully placed to be able to optimize an individual’s experience in your web designer , turning a possible buyer right into a customer. As the product gallery is unquestionably great, we’re big on the FAQ section that gives important information in fashion.

new templates_jan 20169

Produced in the Bicycle Store template:

Mon Cheri

Even when your Russian is rusty, odds are very good that you could place a sensational website if you notice one. We’re unsure in addition to this gorgeous – Mon Cheri’s perfect website or their inventive terrariums and floral plans? We’re able to happily take more time attempting to decide.

Mon Che´ri Flowers_site

Web Designer

Web Designer

Produced in the Bicycle Store template:

Jellyfish & Co

Where will we start? Fun items, fabulous full-width strips, awesome fonts, or even a small video background through the footer. Jellyfish & Co has our election! Although the web designer is within French, its not necessary to parler le francais bien to savor browsing this site.


Produced in the Bicycle Store template:

Stahl Ross

If we’re ever in Norwegian, we’d totally purchase a bicycle from Stahl Ross. We must provide them with major points to take a motorcycle store template, for their actual bicycle store, but even while adapting the look to become totally unique for their awesome brand.

Stahl Ross Cycles Neo Classics_site

Produced in the Bicycle Store template:

The Hands Dyed Shoe Company

Simon Bourne takes focus on detail seriously. Every facet of his website is as handcrafted and perfected as his hands dyed footwear – not just one element has run out of alignment or missing a comma. Where he really won our hearts though, is as simple as adding videos of him for action. Scroll completely lower towards the finish of his webpage to determine what we should mean.