Web Developer

As somebody who spent 1 / 2 of my design time clicking the “Preview” button, it was a godsend. I really assumed it works much like the way the Customizer labored where it always requires a couple of seconds until it reloads the page, but Web Developer really immediate. Exactly the same will also apply for their on-page custom CSS and Javascript.

cornerstone 2

With Cornerstone, now you can easily update a webpage

Super Easy to Arrange Design

It goes hands and hands with instant changes. You are able to take entire sections and simply move them around. Web Developer very diverse from the Visual Composer where you need to drag the whole section where you would like it and hope putting it in the best place. With Cornerstone, now you can arrange a webpage within seconds.

Web Developer

Web Developer

You’ll be able to determine the way the page can look in various devices

See the page instantly on multiple devices

Obtaining the Web Developer directly on every device happens to be a problem of mine. I really felt they provided this only for me. Ongoing up with the moment page theme, now you can observe how your page can look on the PC, Laptop, Tablet, Small Tablet and Smartphone. This beautiful much removes getting to visit mobile phone sites to try out your page. As well as, it’s not necessary to hang about until the page is performed to check it.

It can save you content blocks instead of a whole page

This is particularly ideal for large Web Developer that desire a certain feel and look to a part of their website. You are able to really save blocks for use later on. You may also use blocks and templates produced by other designers in addition to Themeco templates.

Downside though is you loose use of Visual Composer.

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However, you do not have the Visual Composer

You lose the Visual Composer Library

As the built-in library is impressive, you do not really have the Visual Composer or Web Developer extensions, for example specialized content band effects, overlays, and little arrows. True, you are able to go ahead and take shortcode from another page and embed it in to the text box, but who would like to?