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I’m happy to formally announce that CodeVisually.com continues to be lately acquired by Webdesigner Depot and it is now a part of our growing group of web developer.

Should you not be aware of site yet, Code Aesthetically offers a great way to uncover the most recent web design sources and tools available. We cover CSS, Javascript, HTML, PHP, frameworks, browser extensions, web developer and tools, CMS templates, CMSes, wireframing tools and much more.

They have been online since 2011 and it was produced by Paul Andrew, the website owner from the popular blog Speckyboy.com, and it has been attaining tremendous recognition among web designers since. Designers visit it daily to see about all of the latest tools and sources. The web site is frequently checked by most of the major design/development blog writers to enable them to set of the most recent sources, despite the fact that it isn’t always given recognition as the original source. Web developer certainly one of individuals little secrets among blog writers it is not so secret any longer!

A couple of days ago, Code Aesthetically was relaunched having a completely new design with some additional features along with a fully responsive design. Now you can ‘favorite’ any resource that you want, to be able to locate fairly easily it later. We’ve also added an every week e-newsletter that provides all of the latest sources for your inbox every Tuesday. Proceed and register, it’s free.

web developer

web developer

For web developer Malaysia wanting to submit their sources, please make reference to this site: Submit an origin

For web developer owners, we’ve produced a totally free widget that enables you to definitely embed the most recent sources directly on your web or blogsite. That method for you to display valuable and relevant content for the visitors.

We welcome your feedback once we still enhance the site and keeping it fresh using the latest and coolest content. New sources are added daily.

A large because of Paul Andrew that has done an admirable job at developing a really helpful website for that developer community. We’ll thrive to help keep on enhancing with an already excellent website basically we hope that you will always appreciate it in the new home…

Mind to CodeVisually.com to look into the latest resources…