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It’s your choice, but getting a number of options is a great way to ensure there’s a means to please everyone.

Even though you’re in internet marketing, everyone loves about pages too, even quite simple ones is going to do – your analytics results will surprise you with only the number of people click on to those pages.

7. Utilization of social networking: Nearly everybody

This will make me feel sad.

Web Developer Singapore

Web Developer Singapore

This will make me feel sad.

Everyone knows social networking takes over the internet nowadays. Every man and the dog will need Facebook, Twitter, Digg, LinkedIn… Well, their email list just continues really. This can be a really fantastic way to interact with your audience, to inform them what’s going together with your site, company, brand etc, and also to generate buzz regarding your company.

BUT, which is a large but, about 99% of individuals on these types of services never update their pages and have three or four supporters on twitter (OK, all of us start somewhere, but when their last tweet was several weeks ago, maybe it’s time for you to release).


Show your customers, it’s great when they use social systems, however they require a strategy.

If they would like to use social networking, they have to use social networking! What this means is good content, regular updates, and really connecting with individuals.

Maybe if Kevin Costner builds it, they’ll come, however this doesn’t work with everybody – for most of us you receive out what you devote. When they won’t utilize it, don’t get it done. It appears really unprofessional when these kinds of organisations let things hang.

8. A Lot Of Options




Um, what?… A lot of options!

Um, what?…

A lot of options – microsoft.com

My mind hurts just searching only at that

A lot of choices – reddit.com

Sorry reddit – way too many choices.If there’s one factor Apples recent success has proven us, it’s that many people don’t care much about getting countless different choices to select from.