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25. Making UX Matter for your Company by Wendy Johansson

Make UX a method, not really a deliverable. This is actually the core from the message of Design and Brand at Wizeline Director of Consumer Experience, Wendy Johansson. She discussed this subject in the Plastic Valley UX Meetup held on April 14, 2013. There’s no denying that this is a tremendous help to designers who’re inside a quandary regarding how to integrate UX within their designs.



Pointless to state, consumer experience differs for each user, and everything relies upon how each one of these encounters an internet site. Like a UX designer, you need to develop or promote certain encounters that may elicit an optimistic reaction and experience in the user. Whether you’re a new in web designing or already an experienced one, you are able to surely locate one tutorial above that may help you be a better UX designer in additional ways than a single.

You have sources to discover UX, but we would have liked to provide you with much more. So if you’re up for this, continue reading and discover the main difference between UI and UX.

What’s The Main Difference Between UI And UX Design?

Two most frequently used words within the website design industry are UX and UI, which means consumer experience and interface. Even though they seem simple, there has been lots of misconceptions and complications regarding variations causing a significant stir within the design community.

The Main Difference the bottom line is

Defining UI and UX isn’t very difficult. UI or interface may be the visual side of design. It’s that which you do in Illustrator or Illustrator. UX or consumer experience, however, is exactly what you need to do outdoors. How can you help make your users experience the merchandise? How can you make sure they are feel once they make use of the product? Could they be happy? Angry? Satisfied?