Website Designer in Singapore

If you wish to learn to develop assistive technology apps for those who have disabilities, this enables you to in lots of ways. You’ll certainly learn many ease of access concepts as well as their relevance for you as a graphic designer.

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Learn how to use data you gather from customer interaction with this particular tutorial

18. UX Design Techniques: Creating Personas by Chris Nodder

This is actually the third installment from the UX design techniques series discussed by Chris Nodder. Here, become familiar with ways to use the data you have collected from customer interactions and former site visits. These can help you produce a picture from the users that the design targets.

Website Designer in Singapore

Website Designer in Singapore

In addition, the interface of the design will end up more coherent and focused because the common understanding will make sure that everyone within the design team is developing a design for the similar people.


This tutorial is indeed a jewel regarding Android UX

19. Android Design for action: Common UX Issues by Nick Butcher, Adam Koch, and Roman Nurik

This video features Nick Butcher, Adam Koch, and Roman Nurik discussing the numerous aspects of Android design. During this video, they provide a run-through from the top most typical consumer experience issues.

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Have more ideas about Material Design with this particular video tutorial

20. Illustrator/Illustrator Tutorial: Google Material Design by Ferdi Armagan

Ferdi Armagan will certainly increase your understanding on Material Design, the most recent design trend set by Google. You’ll be led on ways to use the documentation and the way to design the assets that are required to be able to effectively use Material Design using the guidelines set by Google.Ferdi also discusses how you can create icons inside the Illustrator and Illustrator environments, add some characteristic shadows from material design, interface design, typography, and much more.